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Why Argentina and Peru?

Upon returning from our (Mike and Linda Buus) recent trip to Peru and Argentina (November 3-20, 2007) several people asked me, "So why did you go to Peru and Argentina?"

It made us realize we had not done a good job of communicating to everyone about some changes at DOOR-Americas.

Gradually DOOR, around the world, has been switching it's focus to follow Jesus' model of sending out disciples two by two (Luke 10: 1-20), and away from the one-year residential training program.

This allows DOOR staff and graduates to offer local, field-based training. Students learn chronologically selected portions of Scripture, and learn how to plant strong, indigenous, reproducing Deaf Believers' Fellowships. We call this the "2x2" program.

At the end of 2006, the decision was made to close the DOOR-Americas training center in Costa Rica and begin the "2x2" program.

In January of 2007, DOOR staff members Ingrid (Deaf) and Maleidy (Deaf) moved to PERU. After getting married in January, Allan (Deaf) and Veronica (Deaf) moved to ARGENTINA in March of 2007.

Mike and Linda Buus, along with Camille Beckham (hearing, DOOR international staff member & Spanish and Sign interpreter ) visited both DOOR teams this month.

Three Deaf sisters with Camille, Ingrid and Maleidy Allan and Veronica showing maps to Mike

Left: Allan & Veronica showing Mike a map of Buenos Aires.

Right: Ingrid, Maleidy, Camille with 3 Deaf sisters.


Goal of the DOOR-Peru and DOOR-Argentina team is ...

Utilizing Bible Translation principles of "native tongue" Bible translation, DOOR staff will assemble a local team of Deaf to begin Bible translation (5-6 full-time team members). This team will work to develop a CANA (Clear, Accurate, Natural and Acceptable) translation (approximately 112 carefully selected Bible passages) in the local Sign Language (Argentina and Peru) produced on DVD with printed "storyboards."

Won't you prayerfully consider supporting this ministry in Peru and Argentina?