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Progress Report

Africa Translation WorkAfrica Translation Work

The first “set” of stories D.O.O.R International Deaf staff feels are key to understanding the Gospel message is composed of 32 chronological stories from creation to the establishment of the church.

The Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia and Zambia Deaf translation teams plan to complete this series by the end of November, 2007 (they did!). They will also complete a DVD of an adult evangelism story and program specifically designed by and for the Deaf (they did!).

The Wycliffe—DOOR Bible translation team was able to do an exegetical check on 27 of these 32 stories during the month of September, 2007 at DOOR-Africa. The questions, suggestions and changes they recommended can now be incorporated into the final stories (they were!). We praise God for this being completed in just one short month!