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Launch of Sign Language Bible stories: India, Kenya.

Praise God, plans are underway to celebrate the completion and distribution to the Deaf of the first 32 Bible stories (also included with each story is a detailed introduction and lesson plan, all in Sign Language).

The stories are in Kenya Sign Language (celebrating January 16-17, 2010) and Kerala (India) Sign Language (celebrating January 30-31, 2010).

The work is a partnership effort of several organizations including DOOR (read more), The Seed Company (more information) and SIL (more about SIL).

Pray for the protection and healing of all involved ... the battle has already begun.


Remember this e-mail we sent out last week?

PRAYER NEED: DOOR is building a large Deaf Bible Translation and Training Center in Kenya. This will enable DOOR to work on up to 10 Sign Language Bible translations, simultaneously, at this site. When fully operational, as many as 100 people will be living on the campus. BUT WE NEED A WATER WELL! Currently, we must depend on a small trickle of water we can buy from a neighbor's well. The Kenyan government has denied us the permit to drill our own well. One of our other neighbors has objected to our drilling a well as he feels it will draw down his water source. This Friday November 27 a meeting is set up with the Kenyan government, our neighbors, the well digger and our Deaf staff to seek a resolution.  

PRAYER REQUEST: We ask the Lord to prepare the way for this meeting and to grant us favor with both the neighbors and the government, and as a result, DOOR-Africa be granted permission to drill a well and provide cool, clean water for our Deaf Bible translation and training teams.

UPDATE: Good news ... but, still not fully resolved!

The neighbor who had objected to DOOR drilling a well, is willing to remove his objection IF DOOR can get a hydrological engineer to certify that we will be pulling water from a portion of the aquifer that will not affect his supply.

The government representative said DOOR can modify its application, get an engineer certification, and then the Kenyan government will reconsider its previous decision to deny.

So while it is not a complete answer, it gives us hope we may still receive approval.  

Thank you for your prayers!

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