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90 or 32?


If you had a choice, which one would you choice?




 How important is it that the DEAF get GOD'S WORD for the first time in many African, Indian and other countries of the world?



A  campus run by the Deaf for the purpose of translating God's Word into Sign Language as well as training and equipping Deaf to reach the Deaf with the Gospel and establish reproducing Deaf fellowships.

Where? In a community just outside Nairobi, Kenya, DOOR has purchased five acres of land.  In partnership with Wycliffe Associates, who have people with international construction experience, DOOR is building a DEAF BIBLE TRANSLATION AND TRAINING CENTER.  This facility will be able to house 8-10 Deaf translation teams at a time.

The eleven building facility consists of sign language video recording studios, an auditorium, offices, men's and woman's dormitories, staff housing,  guest accommodations, a children's center, laundry facilities, a guard house and a watch tower. The building process began in January, 2009, and is estimated to take two years to complete.

CLICK ON THIS LINK TO VIEW BUILDING PROGRESS:  (Be sure to place your cursor on the slide show pictures so the text will appear.) As long as you are at our web site, check out the two videos on the Home page.


Our goal is the development of a Deaf "Primary Bible" and related study materials for the Deaf around the world. 


Wycliffe International and D.O.O.R. International have identified 8 -Deaf and hearing - DOOR staff who have agreed to become CITs (Consultants-in-Training). We are developing a Sign Language based training program that will lead to certification of these 8 individuals as Bible Translation Consultants, qualified to do the exegetical check of the Sign Language translations DOOR develops through this Deaf Bible Translation and Training Center.

The center will be used as the "hands-on" site for the training of the Sign Language Bible Translation Consultants.  


DOOR also plans to use this translation center to "host" international summits focused on higher level leadership, church planting and translation training for Deaf and hearing around the world.


Read this, think "interesting!", hope that others get involved and ignore the opportunity ... OR partner with D.O.O.R. International in prayer, encouragement, financial support, maybe even a short-term builders group,  and be part of a "first-ever" historical project!

In Malachi, the prophet records the Lord as saying to His people, "Bring your full tithe to the Temple treasury so there will be ample provisions in my Temple. Test me in this and see if I don't open up heaven itself to you and pour out blessings beyond your wildest dreams"