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DOOR International’s vision is to bring God’s Word and biblical Christian fellowship to Deaf communities worldwide.

DOOR is a non-denominational Christian mission organization of many Deaf people (and a few hearing people) with a big vision and a big God.

Deaf people are a unique people group with their own rich langage (Sign Language) and culture who are almost completely unreached with the good news about Jesus Christ …

DOOR is a TRAINING and TRANSLATION ministry to the Deaf. We TRANSLATE the Bible into sign languages so we can TRAIN Deaf to do evangelism/church planting.  

DOOR has two DEAF BIBLE TRAINING AND TRANSLATION CENTERS; one in Kenya and one in India. 

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Did You Know

  • Spiritual Gifts Every believer is given spiritual gifts. In a hearing church setting, often Deaf people can only be objects of someone else's ministry. In a Deaf believers’ fellowship, however, each person is free to use their spiritual gifts, talents and... more

  • Outreach A Deaf believers’ fellowship can focus time, energy, finances, and other resources on specifically reaching their local Deaf community, the Deaf of their country, and the Deaf of the world. Deaf people will find a Deaf belivers' fellowship an... more

  • God's Word Deaf people are consummate storytellers. They pass on information, values, and traditions through stories told in precise chronological order. In a Deaf believers’ fellowship, they are free to teach God's Word in story format as well, rather... more

  • Fellowship In a Deaf believers’ fellowship, Deaf people can experience true fellowship. They can communicate in Sign Language, develop friendships, encourage each other, listen to and understand pains and joys, and draw each other closer to God... more

  • Worship In a Deaf believers’ fellowship, Deaf people create their own Deaf worship music, sometimes using a drum to keep the beat. Hearing music is tones, instruments, voices, and sounds, while Deaf music is motion, rhythm, hands and eyes. Hearing music... more

  • Prayer Many Deaf people prefer to pray with their eyes open and their heads raised. Closed eyes in the midst of Deaf conversations are quite rude and disrespectful. more

  • Reading Did you know that 700,000 new books are published each year, but only one-third of our world's population prefer or are able to read? The majority learn through relationships, the media, spoken text or other "oral" preferences. YET, most ministry still relies heavily on the written text...and we wonder why we don't better connect with people's hearts (International Orality Network). more

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